The electronics industry is one of the most complex—mainly because it is ever-changing. The products that are top of the line today may be undesirable next season. Because of this, you are probably always changing your manufacturing line. Using the right items for the job can make a huge difference—especially when it comes to high-tech gadgetry. Because of this, you want to work with companies that stay ahead of the trends too. When it comes to washers, shims, and stampings, Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing is the company to trust.

Phoenix not only has a huge line of the most common sizes and styles, but will create custom pieces for your job—no matter how big or small. Whether you need a unique size, a slightly different shape, or perhaps you want a piece that is made from an unusual material, we can come through and fill your order. Our custom products are produced quickly and using top-quality materials. In fact, most orders are shipped within two weeks of ordering.

Whether you are just starting to shop around for these implements, or you know exactly what you want, Phoenix is a great choice. Call us and talk to a specialist about the options that are available, or you can order directly online. No matter what your decision, Phoenix will deliver.

Same-day shipping on in-stock orders

We have an industry-leading inventory of finished goods in stock: over 100,000 different items and 400 million parts. And we ship every order from stock within 24 hours; orders booked by 2:30 pm are shipped that day.If you need quality, reliable washers at a moment’s notice, check out our inventory. If we have it in stock, we can process your order and get it shipped to you today.

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