How Washers Are Used in the Aerospace Industry


Here at Phoenix Specialty, we most frequently manufacture products for the aerospace industry with products to aid in the manufacture of their designs. We have manufactured shims, washers, and stamping for space shuttles, the Mars Rover, and even the Apollo Moon landing. Washers are an important product when manufacturing an airplane or other type of aircraft, and we take our job seriously. The following outlines how washers are used in the aerospace industry, and why we are proud to be a part of this important industry in America.


How Washers Are Used in the Aerospace Industry

A washer seems like a small thing, and many people may wonder what the big deal is all about. However, in the manufacturing industry, we know that small parts are intricate and essential aspects of a larger whole, no matter what project or product that larger whole is. Did you know that 2.4 million fasteners (including washers) are used to assemble Boeing’s 787 aircraft? In fact, many of the gargantuan aircraft that are often seen soaring the skies (as well as those that are drifting through space) are entirely dependent upon many tiny parts, such as nuts, bolts, and other fasteners like washers. The following outlines how washers are used in the aerospace industry:

The primary purpose of a washer: A washer’s primary purposes are to distribute a load, to act as a spacer, and serve as a locking device. While there are many different reasons to use a washer, all of those reasons boil down to the three primary purposes listed above. If you are looking for a shim to suit a similar purpose for your project, visit the following link:

To compensate for an ill-suited fit: If a bolt is longer than the desired length, as many as three washers may be used to distribute the length of the bolt to a proper length.

To prevent galvanic corrosion: Galvanic corrosion is when one metal begins to corrode when it is in electrical contact with another metal. Washers act as a neutralizer and a separator between the two metals, and will prevent galvanic corrosion in the metals.

To bear a load: Washers help to distribute the weight of a bolt on another surface, and they will also act as a grip to keep the bolt in place securely.

To provide a shim: Shims are used whenever an adjustment is needed in order to keep measurements accurate. Washers are frequently used as shims in order to compensate for inaccuracies or other inconsistencies within a project.

To lock a bolt into place: There are many different types of washers, including split ring, internal tooth, external tooth, as well as locking washers that help to keep a bolt securely held against a surface. Essentially, the washer provides a grip against the two metals. For more information about the types of washers we have in stock or the types that we can create specifically for your project, click on the following link:

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