Excellence in Products and Services since 1907


Phoenix Specialty was founded in 1907 in New York, New York, and while we moved our company to South Carolina in 1966, our quality service, with exceptional speed and customization, has never changed. Just like all American companies, Phoenix Specialty has a rich history and a dynamic background, but what has not changed over the past century is our dedication to delivering the very best products when it comes to washers, shims, and precision stampings.


Phoenix Specialty: Excellence in Products since 1907

Phoenix Specialty was founded in 1907 in order to produce and distribute washers and gaskets to power utilities and railroads. Over the past 100 years we have built upon our legacy and expanded our business by offering more products, such as shims and stampings, to our clients. Our customers range from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to those in the aerospace field, and many of our clients’ products were inconceivable in the early 1900s when we first set up shop! Here’s a few more facts about our company:

We adapt to the changing needs of our customers: When we started back in 1907, we provided washers and gaskets for the railroad. Since then, we have adapted to meet the needs of our most prevalent client: the aerospace industry. A company that stands the test of time must know what they do well and continue to provide those services, yet adapt to meet the changing needs of its clients. That is what we do at Phoenix Specialty, and that is why we are still here 100 years after our founding.

We have a large quantity of products in stock: While we love to create custom orders, we also have the largest stock of finished goods in the industry. When you check into our stock, you will find that we have 100,000 items and 400-million parts on hand. If any of those parts meet your needs, they will be shipped out to you that very day.

We have the shortest lead time in history: When you order our products, you can expect them at your door as soon as you need them. Your specialty order will be shipped within two weeks, and any stock we have on hand will be shipped to you that day, if ordered before 2:30 pm, or by the next business day after that time. If you need it fast, we will get your order to you immediately!

We specialize in the unique: While we have a large inventory in stock that can be shipped out to you as early as today, we also relish the opportunity to provide customized products to fit your exact needs. We have invested in the highest-quality machinery, including presses, lathes, and milling and screw machines. To view the products we have in stock or to request a quote for a custom order, click on the following link: https://www.phoenixspecialtysales.com/.

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