Crafts for Metal Washers


Whether you have extra metal washers laying around the house or you simply want to do something creative and different, you can use washers to do some unique things. They can be used for much more than their original purpose. You can get crafty with your metal washers to make something beautiful and unique.

Metal Washer Crafts

1. Create a pendant. This pendant can be used on a necklace or a key chain. First, find a piece of scrap paper with a design that you like. Trace the washer shape onto the paper and cut out the correct shape. Spread glue on the washer and place the paper on it. Push down evenly so it is secure and let it dry. Use a file to even out the edges and add a thick layer of clear glue to the top of the paper to seal it completely.


2. Create a stamped necklace. You can stamp letters onto the washer so it says something unique. You will need a set of steel stamps and can use a hammer to engrave the letters in the metal. If you want to add some color, use a permanent marker to trace the letters that you have engraved. If you want layers, use different size washers or add a small stone. Tie it all up with a chain or ribbon.

3. Make a flower. Take five small washers, one big washer, and some wire. Position one small washer so it makes an uneven figure eight with the large washer. Use some wire to attach these washers together. Do this with each small washer in a circle around the large washer, so the large washer is eventually hidden behind the small washers. This should create a flower-shaped pendant.

4. Design a Mickey Mouse pendant. Use the same process as described in #3, but only use two small washers on the top part of the large washer to create a Mickey Mouse shape. Coloring the washers or giving them a design with scrap paper can make the pendant more attractive.

5. Make a bookmark. Create the part of the bookmark that will go inside the book. Punch a hole at the top and attach a ribbon, and tie the other end around a washer. You can stamp or design the washer to make it more attractive.

6. Create a statement necklace. Gather ten washers of any size that you want. Give them a desired color, and use wire to connect nine of them in a “V” shape. There should be one washer at the bottom and four on each side. Use the last washer in the middle to connect the third washer down on each side with wire. Connect a chain to each washer on the top of the “V” to finish the necklace.

7. Make your own earrings. Get two small, light washers and use nail polish or scrap paper to give them a design. Connect an earring hook to each washer with wire to create earrings.

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