Copper Washers

Have you ever tried to make something without a washer in a project before? The chances are that it didn’t fare so well in the end. Although it may not make a big impact right away, a washer plays a huge role in any overall application. When a washer is left out, two surfaces may rub together causing corrosion or damage. Nuts and bolts may come loose as well, causing potential damage or harm.

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we produce custom-made washers for any industry. Our high-quality washers will keep your car engines, HVAC systems, aircraft landing gear, and many other systems running smoothly.

Our washers come available in a variety of different styles and materials, such as copper, nylon, stainless steel, brass, and more. Depending on the application, a copper washer, like the ones offered at Phoenix Specialty, may be just what your project or design is needing.

The Many Uses of Copper

There are many benefits to using copper. For starters, it is a ductile metal that is well known for its soft and malleable properties. This allows copper to be formed into any shape, so you can easily get a copper washer in any design needed. It is also used as a conductor of heat and electricity. A copper frying pan, for instance, will heat up much faster than a stainless steel pan and will maintain a more uniform temperature. In operating systems that require an extensive amount of heat dissipation, a copper washer will do the trick.

Copper is generally one of the most cost-effective metals to mold, therefore saving you money when you are needing washers. In part this is because the copper alloy mold is effective in decreasing the molding cycle times. Your total manufacturing costs could be reduced by quite a bit when you switch from steel to copper.

How We Care

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we prove our commitment to our clients, by producing high-quality copper washers at competitive prices. We utilize only the latest processing methods, and we use state-of-the-art machining equipment, so that you get a perfect copper washer every time.

We’ve been working with original equipment manufacturers across the Unites States for over 100 years now; you know we’ll provide you with professional service and give that extra little touch to show how we care.