Bronze Spacers

Everything You Need to Know about Bronze Spacers

Manufacturing the Very Best

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we have been creating the world’s best spacers and shims for over 100 years. We have more than 300 materials in stock and ready to be used for whatever application and product you need. And with our incredible machine equipment and talented team, we can create custom orders of any shape, size, tolerance, or quantity your project requires.

One of the most commonly requested products we make is the spacer. Spacers are an important part of everyday life, and you probably interact with more of them than you realize. Though basic spacers fill everything from doorways to car seats, specialty spacers are designed and created specifically for the aerospace, automotive, healthcare, agricultural, and electrical industries. Spacers can be made of different materials, but bronze is one of the most popular for a number of reasons that we’ll explain below.

Bronze as a Metal

In order to understand what makes our bronze spacers so unique, you must first understand what makes bronze one of the most useful metals in any industrial or mechanical application.

Bronze is a mixture of copper and tin. Copper on its own is incredibly soft, and tin is incredibly brittle. When mixed together, the two metals form bronze, an alloy that takes the best properties of the two original metals. Some of the benefits of working with bronze include the following:

  • It is highly resistant to corrosion. It can form a protective surface film which allows it to withstand most corrosive environments, making it perfect for spacer applications where corrosion would damage other materials.
  • Bronze can withstand high temperatures. Unlike other materials which are prone to catching fire or weaken in high temperatures, bronze will retain its properties and shape.
  • Bronze is easy to machine. In fact, bronze is one of the easiest materials to machine (much more so than steel), allowing us to produce a high volume of quality spacers and shims in no time at all.
  • Bronze resists wear and friction, making it the perfect spacer material where movement and wear are common.

Bronze as a Spacer or Shim

As mentioned above, bronze has a number of unique properties that make it perfect for industrial applications. We specialize in manufacturing phosphorous bronze shims and spacers. This alloy is particularly strong and durable. While the spacers can be useful in just about any application, the combination of low weight, durability, heat resistance, and toughness make them perfect for professionals in the aerospace or automotive industries.

Bronze shims and spacers can conduct electricity. Besides finding a home in the aerospace and automotive industries, this unique property makes it a good fit for electronic applications where a sustained current or uninterrupted flow of electricity is critical.

Manufacturing Our Bronze Spacers

The expertise and dedication of our team members makes our products stand out from the competition. Without their hard work, the products you use every day wouldn’t be as good as they are. But in order to create the products you are familiar with, the best machines and manufacturing equipment is required. During our many years in business, we have seen innovations come and go. We have developed an eye for detail and only use the machines we know will live up to our standards. By using the best state-of-the-art machines, we are able to provide our customers with a number of benefits, including the following:

  • Increased flexibility for custom-sized or -shaped spacers and shims
  • Faster production times on all products
  • A streamlined production process allowing us to produce high-volume orders at reduced cost
  • Lower cost products and services for everything we manufacture
  • A wider range of material applications
  • Attention to Detail

Whether you need 1,000 spacers for your aerospace project or your NASCAR team needs 500 bronze shims for an upcoming development project, you deserve the very best. While you can find high-quality products from a number of providers, none of them can match our attention to detail. Besides having the best team create the best products with the latest machines, we don’t let a single product leave our factory until we are 100% certain it is perfect in every way.

We use the latest calibration and inspection equipment to ensure every order is created to your exact specifications. Whether you need a bronze spacer that is 6″ in diameter and .25″ thick or you need one that is .04″ in diameter and .0005″ thick, you can’t afford for your parts to vary by even .0001″. We guarantee our bronze spacers and shims will meet your standards and fit your needs with absolute precision.

Spacers When You Need Them

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we can ship in-stock bronze spacers and shims the day you order them. Need a custom order? Thanks to our quality manufacturing process and expert workers, we can have even the largest custom orders ready and shipped typically within 2 weeks.

Phoenix Specialty has the fastest manufacturing cycle in the United States, allowing your Washers orders to be shipped in two weeks or less.