Belleville Washers

They may be small, but washers play a big role in any application. Washers are extremely important, because they prevent corrosion between two surfaces. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we offer a wide range of custom-manufactured Belleville washers. Our Belleville washers are perfect for all your projects, whether you are in the aerospace industry, automotive production, or other industry.

A Belleville washer is a type of spring shaped like a washer. The conical shape gives the washer its spring-like characteristic. These washers are generally used to maintain tension in a bolted joint or bearing. The spring-like action creates a strong hold, which remains consistent through heat and vibration, unlike a traditional washer that may come loose.

The Right Material

Washers are generally either metal or plastic, depending on the use required. We offer a wide range of Belleville washers, available in different materials such as beryllium copper, spring-tempered phosphor bronze, high-carbon steel, stainless steel, and more.

A stainless steel Belleville washer will offer many benefits. It is a high-quality alloy that is often more durable than other metals and will not easily corrode or rust like other metals. Depending on the type of project you are working on, these unique properties make stainless steel an excellent choice when it comes to Belleville washers.

Common Uses

Belleville washers are typically used in applications where pliable, bare aluminum is connected to aluminum or copper. They are also used in instances of high-current loading or cycling.

There are many common uses for Belleville washers. For instance, bolt-action target rifles often use Belleville washer stacks instead of a standard spring to release the firing pin. This lessens the time between the trigger actuation, and firing pin impact on the cartridge. Belleville washers can also be found in high-class Formula One racing cars, since they provide highly detailed tuning ability.

Why Choose Phoenix?

At Phoenix Specialty, we provide high-quality custom Belleville washers for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Our highly trained experts use the very latest in technology and processing to custom manufacture each Belleville washer to exact specifications. You know you’ll be getting the exact Belleville washer you need!

When you are requiring precise, custom-made Belleville washers for your special projects, choose quality with Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing. We’ll make you a perfect washer, every time.