Belleville Washers made by Phoenix Specialty Mfg. Co. Bamberg, SC


What Are Belleville Washers?

Belleville Washers are made by Phoenix Specialty Mfg Co. Bamberg, SC. The Phoenix Specialty Mfg Co makes various types of Washers for screws and bolts used in a number of mechanical applications.

Belleville Washers are typically used as springs, or to apply a pre-load of flexible quality to a bolted joint or bearing. Belleville Washer or Belleville spring – a disc shaped spring commonly used to apply tension to a bolt (and also in the initiation mechanism of pressure-activated landmines).

Some properties of Belleville Washers include: high fatigue life, better space utilization, low creep tendency, high load capacity with a small spring deflection.and possibility for high hysteresis (damping) by stacking several belleville washers on top of each other in the same direction.

Most often, you’ll find Belleville Washers in applications where you have to connect bare, soft aluminum to aluminum or copper, or where you have conditions of high current loading or cycling. These washers do wonders for accommodating thermal cycling, but they can’t eliminate all the problems resulting from poor workmanship.

You must prepare the joint properly (as with any connection), but the key is selecting the proper design and size of Belleville Washer for the fasteners and conditions of your application.

Phoenix Specialty Mfg Co manufactures Belleville Washers for the following industry segments:




Building Products


Consumer Goods

Belleville Washers

Phoenix Specialty Mfg Co. Bamberg, SC has been making Belleville Washers, or Belleville Springs for over 100 years. When considering a supplier of Belleville Washers, Phoenix Specialty is your single source for Belleville Washers. If we do not have it in stock from our inventory of over 400 million parts, Phoenix Specialty can custom make Belleville Washers to your specification.

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