Why Use Custom Stamping?


When it comes to your manufacturing project, you know that only the most precise tools can be used for the job. If the metals you use are not of the best quality and created specifically to fit the needs of your project, then you are fighting an uphill battle. Many manufacturing tools suppliers have a myriad of products in stock for you to choose from, but Phoenix Specialty is distinguished from others in that we can create the custom stamping that you need from our large supply of on-hand metals. With the largest supply in the country, we have on hand 1.5 million pounds of 300 different types of metals available at any given moment. With such a large supply, we can certainly meet the needs of your company, and would love to have the opportunity to do business with you. The following list outlines some reasons why using custom stamping can be so advantageous to you, our valued customer.


Why Use Custom Stamping?

When we use the term “custom,” we mean that we can provide the best fit, the highest quality, and a product that has been adapted to suit the unique needs of your project. While we have the largest supply of ready-made products in our industry, we also love working with our clients to produce a custom product that is perfectly suited for their needs. We like to say that we specialize in the unique, so let us prove the truth of that motto to you. Here are just a few of the reasons that you should consider custom stamping:

“Custom” does not have to equal “slow”: In many other industries and with many of our competitors, custom orders indicate added time on the project, more effort on the part of the manufacturers, and therefore, a lag in the completion time of the product. At Phoenix Specialty, we have the fastest lead time in our industry, and even the most complex of custom orders will be shipped within two weeks. We understand the value of your time, and we respect your need for a quick turnaround. We have recently acquired two new milling machines that have greatly reduced our speed and completion time.

The highest-quality machinery: Since our specialty is the uniqueness of our product, we have adapted and invested in order to meet the growing needs of our clients. We have a new shearing machine that allows us to shear sheet metal to even more precise measurements, which means that, no matter your requirements, we will be able to accommodate you and meet the needs of your project.

All your stamping needs in one location: Here at Phoenix Specialty, we are equipped to do all stamping work in-house. That means we do die making, plating, inspecting, and secondary forming operations all from one location. This equates more precise orders in a faster amount of time. To see more of how we can help with custom stamping, visit the following link: https://www.phoenixspecialty.com/products/stampings.

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