What Is a Stamping Press?


Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing specializes in stamping, or “pressing” metal to form it. We take custom orders, so we can form the metal into any shape you need. We have been doing this for over 100 years. In order to stamp metal into any shape, we use many large, effective machines called stamping presses. If you want to know how we create a part just the way you want it, you need to understand what a stamping press is and how we use it.

What is a Stamping Press

A stamping press is a large machine that is used to shape or cut metal. It does this by deforming it with a tool called a die. A die is a very specialized tool; it is a metal block with the right shapes cut into it. By pressing down on the metal, the die can cut and contour the metal and create that unique shape. The die must be created specifically for the part that is being created.

The press is made up of some very important parts. It has a bolster plate, which is the large block of metal that the bottom part of the die is clamped to. This plate is held securely in one place during the stamping process. The ram is another large block of metal, clamped to the top part of the die, that moves up and down. This movement is the pressing motion, which makes the die produce parts from the metal going through it. The raw metal is automatically unrolled and put through a straightener, and then it is pressed into the die, where it is stamped by the ram and the metal is formed into the right shape.

This metal stamping can be used for many different industries; anything from medical to agriculture. It can work with a large variety of metal types; anything from a base common metal to the less common alloys. Depending on what the part will be used for, some materials are better than others.

How We Use It

We can stamp anything to your exact specifications, but we do have parameters that your specifications need to fall into. A part that is too large cannot be created with the stamping press. The part that you ask for needs to be relatively flat and shallow, between .0005 and .260 inches in thickness. It needs to fall within an area of six inches of metal. We will make the specialized die for your part in-house, which helps us get your order done faster.

We have a large variety of raw materials, so we can provide what you need with over 300 options of materials. Our stamping press can work with any of these materials, and this is the largest raw material inventory in our industry. We are also guaranteed to be the fastest in stamping; your custom order can almost always be shipped within two weeks. If you want to get a proposal for your unique order, you can call us at 800-845-2813 or visit our website.

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