Three Reasons to Use Shims in Products


Three Reasons to Use Shims in Products

In manufacturing, shims are well-known for their use as spacers. They are one of our most sought-after products by our customers, and for very good reasons. When you understand why using a shim can improve your product and your manufacturing process, then you will understand why they are such a great benefit to you. In our experience, we have found that there are three great reasons why shims can be helpful to a person or organization like you.

Why Use a Shim?

1. One of the greatest benefits of using a shim is that you can greatly reduce wear between two parts. When there is a gap where there shouldn’t be, the two parts can rub together and quickly wear down. When this happens, either these parts will need to be replaced or the entire product will need to be replaced. Customers do not appreciate this, and will not spend money on a product that does not last a long time. A shim, especially one that is custom-fitted to your product, will fill that gap perfectly and keep the parts from moving. This will prevent the wear from occurring, and you can trust that this issue will not keep your product from lasting a long time.


2. Using a shim in your product will actually lower your manufacturing time and make your product better as you mass produce it. This is because you do not need to take the time to precisely line up each component in your product to ensure it fits together perfectly. The shim can give you the room for error that you need, while still ensuring that you are producing a quality product; the type of quality that your customers expect. As you lower your production costs and time, you can spend your time and money on improving your product in other ways.

3. A shim in your product can provide the parts with the support they need. It can bring everything to the right level. This will make your product stronger by getting rid of any weak points due to a small gap. Even the smallest gap can compromise a product, so using a shim of the correct material can make a huge difference. When the parts of the product have support and are level, it makes the product more professional and gives it more longevity.

A Custom Shim

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we are experienced in making custom shims according to the exact specifications that a customer gives us. By getting a custom shim, you can greatly improve the quality of your product. The smallest things can make a huge difference in the overall quality of your product, and shims are no exception. We will work with you to help ensure that you are providing the highest-quality product that you can.

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