The Industries We Serve


Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing’s Washers, Shims, Seals, Gaskets, and Spacers are used for a large variety of things in many different industries. Just about every industry has a need for our parts in one way or another.

Learn About the Industries We Serve

The aerospace industry requires very exact manufacturing standards, and we have been providing them with those parts for over 100 years. We have provided parts for the Apollo Moon landing vehicles and the space shuttle. The craft used to go to the moon and Mars have used our high-quality, reliable parts.

Our parts are also used in the medical industry for a variety of machines. Being involved with the medical industry requires that we are constantly innovative, which is a part of why it is a main focus at Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing.

You will find our parts in the agriculture industry as well. As the industry advances, technology and machines improve to be more effective in agriculture. We enjoy being a part of those constant improvements and changes, and giving each customer the option to customize a part.


The energy industry is one that is growing and changing quickly. This complex industry may require very specialized parts that are made to a certain size or from a particular material, and we provide those unique parts.

We are very closely involved with the automotive industry, which is not surprising to most people. There are many small parts when it comes to automobiles. We provide parts for organizations that design, develop, manufacture, market, and sell all types of automobiles. We have provided parts for jobs of any size.

The electrical industry requires very specific parts, which we are happy to provide. We may already have the parts that people in this industry require, but we also make custom parts for any job. Because of our experience working with this industry, we understand that using the right part for the job is vital to its success.

Our work in the electronic industry is ever-changing, because we must provide parts that will help our customers stay ahead of the trends. We have provided parts for people working on a manufacturing line or simply working on something for themselves; no matter what, we can provide it.

When we provide parts in the consumer goods industry, we understand that you may make changes in your products to make your customers happy. We are willing to help you make these changes to ensure that you are offering a product that people want; we know that the parts of that product are a very important part of that.

Our parts have been used in many different types of pumps. These machines are everywhere and perform different jobs. No matter what type of pump it is or how large of a pump it is, we can provide the parts for it.

You can find us in these and many other industries, including building products, distribution, machinery and process equipment, and motors. If you are wondering whether we can be a part of your industry, just give us a call.

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