The Fastest Way to Get Custom Stamping


The Fastest Way to Get Custom Stamping

With over one hundred years of being in the business of supplying custom specialty parts to original equipment manufacturers, we know exactly the type of high-quality and precision custom parts our customers are looking for. Our inventory, that is ready to ship the same day, is a staggering 400 million parts that include over 100,000 different items. We work closely with each of our clients to ensure that the products they order meet their specific requirements and are produced with the highest standards. The machines that produce these products are kept up to date to produce the finest and best products that are possible.

Custom specialty parts are something we have decades of experience producing. Not only do we produce precision stampings but custom stampings as well. Our stamping machines can punch, blank, emboss, bend, and coin anything you need in your manufacturing process. Punching creates a hole in the sheet metal, either large or small. Blanking cuts metal for the next part of the process. Embossing makes a depression in the metal. Bending involves using a straight line to create an angle in the metal. Flanging does the same thing as bending but uses a curved line. Coining is the process of pressing or squeezing metal into a pattern, like what you see on a currency coin.

For a custom stamping order, the fastest way to get your product shipped would be to have your order meet some specific parameters. If you aren’t in a hurry for your parts, then the parameters expand. First, the product you want manufactured would have to be in a form that is flat and shallow. Second, the product needs to fit within a six-inch square area of sheet metal. And lastly, the material thickness of the product needs to be between .0005 inches and .260 inches. If your order falls within these parameters, we can get the part manufactured and shipped within two weeks, if not sooner.

Whether you are in the aerospace, agriculture, automotive, commercial, construction, electrical, electronic, lighting, marine, or the medical industry, we can manufacture and supply you with the washers, shims or stampings you need. In the aerospace industry, we have supplied parts for moon landing vehicles, the Space Shuttle, jet engines, and power plants. To manufacturers involved in the automotive industry, we supply parts for motor vehicles, towed vehicles, motorcycles, and mopeds. The electrical and electronic industry is always changing and providing parts for the cutting-edge electronic equipment as well as the older equipment, and we specialize in both of these areas. The medical industry is constantly pushing toward more intricate and specialized machines, and we are here to supply the parts they need to build and maintain the equipment they use.

We are proud of the parts we manufacture and have a reputation that speaks for itself. You will find the highest quality in every one of our products down to the parts that are smaller than a pinhead. Our stamping and other processes make it possible to deliver quality products in a short amount of time.

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