Stainless Steel Washers

Have you ever cleaned out your toolbox and found a large pile of old washers? They may seem unimportant, but washers can play a huge role in any application. Washers are used to act as a smooth barrier between two surfaces, to protect against damage. They are also used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, like a bolt or a nut. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we create custom-made washers for Original Equipment Manufacturers across America—whether you are in the agricultural industry, automobile manufacturing, electrical, or other industry.

Depending on the type of application it will be used for, a stainless steel washer, like the custom-designed ones we offer at Phoenix, are an excellent option for your projects.

Stainless Steel Trumps All

Stainless steel offers many great benefits. It is a steel alloy, consisting of large amounts of chromium that does not easily rust or corrode over time like other metals. The elements in stainless steel react with oxygen from the air and water to create a durable film that acts as a barrier against surface corrosion.

It is also an extremely durable metal. Other metals, like copper and brass, are much softer than stainless steel and are more prone to denting and scratching over time. You won’t have to worry about this occurring with stainless steel. Washers in this material are used widely in petrochemical applications, in aerospace engineering, and in the automobile industry, precisely for its extreme durability.

The possibilities for stainless steel washers are truly endless. In the mining industry, stainless steel washers are great for equipment components that must operate well under extreme temperature conditions. In the construction and HVAC industry, stainless steel washers are commonly used in HVAC equipment like heat exchanges. And in architecture, stainless steel washers are the best choice to secure architectural elements.

A History of Excellence

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we have been creating custom-designed parts for industries for over 100 years. Our experience has taught us the importance of innovation and staying up to date with new technology. Our team of highly trained professionals uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and utilizes the latest processing methods to create perfect stainless steel washers, made to exact specifications. You’ll love the end results.

Next time you need a washer, choose a stainless steel washer from Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing. It’s resistance to corrosion and extreme durability make stainless steel a perfect option for your project or design.