Spring Washers

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we specialize in creating custom washers. They may seem like such a small thing, but washers can make a huge difference in any overall application. When you are needing custom-designed washers for your project, consider using spring washers. Here, we share a few facts with you about spring washers.

The Many Uses of Spring Washers

A washer is typically used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, like a nut or a screw. A spring washer takes things further by preventing fastenings from coming loose due to vibrations. Spring washers have an irregular shape, so when pressure is loaded on the washer it acts like a spring and deflects energy.

Spring washers are used commonly in many industries. In fact, Phoenix Specialty has provided spring washers for NASA aerospace projects in the past, as well as for NASCAR. Spring washers are perfect when you need to eliminate rattling, absorb intermittent shock loads, provide a controlled reaction under dynamic loads, or maintain assembly tension.

We have over 300 different materials to choose from, so you can get your spring washers in stainless steel, bronze, copper, or more. We can also design your spring washer to your exact specifications.

Fastest Delivery Times in the Industry

It can be frustrating to put your project on hold while waiting for parts. That’s why Phoenix Specialty offers same-day shipping for customers participating in our Managed Inventory System. We manufacture in economic quantities based on your annual part usage, inventory your products in house, and ship them when you need them.

How We Serve You

For over 100 years, Phoenix Specialty has been serving America’s original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We have provided custom spring washers for all industries—whether it be automotive, aerospace, agriculture, or more. It takes years of consistent attention to detail to build a solid reputation, and we seek to maintain ours by providing the best customer service.

We look out for our customers by utilizing only state-of-the-art equipment in the manufacturing of all of our spring washers. Highly trained technicians also use the latest manufacturing methods to make sure your order comes out perfect, every time.

When you are needing custom spring washers, give Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing a call.