Nylon Shims

They can be small, but don’t be fooled—a shim can play an important role in any application. Shims are used to align parts or can act as a wedge to fill up a space. A shim can be as basic as the notebook used to prop up a table leg, or they can be custom-made and used in the landing gear of a space craft. When you need shims for a project, consider using nylon shims like the ones we offer at Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing. Here we share with you some of the reasons why nylon is a great option.

The Benefits of Nylon

There are many benefits to using nylon shims over other materials. For one, nylon is extremely flexible. It is the perfect material for industrial jobs that incorporate shocks or pulses—nylon will stretch when a force is exerted on it. Ropes, seatbelts, and parachutes are often made from nylon because it is such an elastic and strong material. Many military applications also rely heavily on nylon for its durability and strength.

Nylon is also resilient to chemicals like alkalis, dilute acids, and petroleum products. Since it is nontoxic and impervious to chemicals, nylon shims will work perfectly in the food processing industry, chemical industry, and more.

Prompt Delivery Times

Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing has been providing customized parts for over 100 years to original equipment manufacturers throughout the United States. We are proud of our legacy and seek to provide you with the parts you need as quickly as possible. We offer a Managed Inventory System, meaning your parts are always in stock. We manufacture your parts, keep them on our shelves, and ship them when you need them. We manage your inventory, so you don’t have to.

We are leading innovators in technology at Phoenix, and use only high-end equipment and the latest in processing technology to provide you with high-quality parts. Our team of technicians carefully monitors your order to make sure your nylon shim is perfect—every time. You can feel confident when you choose to order custom washers through Phoenix Specialty.

When you need custom-made nylon shims, choose Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing. You know you’ll receive quality parts for your project at a great value. Give us a call today to learn more about our nylon shims.