Metal Washers

The Basics

Metal washers are thin plates of metal shaped like a disk that come in many sizes. These relatively small pieces are integral parts of the construction and development process for products and machinery for thousands of companies worldwide.

Washers can come in different materials, however, we are focusing on the metal variety on this page. Metal washers are used to distribute weight or the load evenly to a threaded fastener. Washers are particularly important for preventing galvanic corrosion, which occurs when a steel screw collides with an aluminum surface.

Washers come in many different diameters and thicknesses.

Types and Common Uses

There are three types of washers: plain, spring, and locking. Each type is used for a specific purpose.

Plain washers spread the load, prevent damage to the surface, and can provide electrical insulation. Spring washers are used to prevent the fastening screw or nut from loosening due to vibration. Locking washers prevent loosening and unscrewing rotation. These are usually the same thing as spring washers.

Benefits of Using Metal

As mentioned before, washers usually come in metal and plastic varieties. It is important to choose the right material based on your project. For most mechanical or manufacturing industries, metal is the material of choice because of the many diverse bolted joints in products. Steel washers must be used in high-quality joints in order to prevent the loss of preload due to Brinelling after the torque is applied.

Industries That Use Metal Washers

Washers are an important part of any structure, car, or piece of equipment because it ensures the jointed bolts stay in place. This is crucial for many industries in which people depend on machinery and devices work properly every time. Phoenix Specialty washers are used in many industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Aircraft
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Consumer goods
  • Electrical
  • Energy
  • Medical
  • Machinery
  • And others

How They Are Made and Why to Choose Phoenix Specialty

We specialize in making high-quality and custom parts to meet your exact needs. Our machinery is equipped to make washers with outside diameters from .05” to 6”. Thickness can range from .0005” to .260”. These precise measurements ensure our products are a perfect fit your project. We have the fasted manufacturing cycle in the US, which has allowed us to become the number one choice for washers in the country.