Metal Stamping since 1907


When it comes to your manufacturing product needs, you simply must work with a company that is time-tested, heavily invested in the knowledge and equipment it takes to do the job, and who is considerate of the needs of their clients. Here at Phoenix Specialty, we are constantly learning, expanding, and building upon the foundation that our company established in its inception in 1907. We specialize in unique, and strive to set ourselves apart from the rest in our industry in every way possible. If you are considering metal stamping services, let us show you how we are unique from our competitors and can meet your every need.


Metal Stamping since 1907

Our company was founded in 1907, providing gaskets and washers to companies such as the railroad. While our location and our market has changed slightly since then (we primarily serve the aerospace industry), our loyalty to our customers and our commitment to setting our company apart has not changed a bit. Here are some reasons why you should choose Phoenix Specialty for your metal stamping needs:

The latest technology: In order to truly set ourselves apart from others in our industry and to completely meet the diverse needs of our clients, we have invested in the machinery and technology that makes our work possible. We have recently acquired two milling machines to increase our speed in manufacturing and decrease our lead time. We have also a new shearing machine that increases our ability to shear sheet metal more accurately and to more specialized lengths to meet the increasingly unique needs of our clients.

The shortest lead time: When placing an order with us, you can expect the highest degree of consideration with regards to your time. We understand that our products are an intricate and essential aspect of your project, and your need for receiving these products in a timely manner is important to you. What is important to our clients is important to us as well. If you find something in our existing stock that suits your needs, we will ship it out immediately. In fact, if you place an order with us before 2:30 pm, we will ship out your order that very day. With regards to custom stamping and other specialized orders, you can expect to receive your shipment in two weeks or less. None of our competitors can beat the timeliness of our turnaround time.

Extensive knowledge of our client’s needs: Many of our client’s today are in industries that were not even conceivable in 1907, when our company was founded. We are committed to doing everything we can to meet our client’s needs, no matter how complex the industry. We work extensively in the aerospace industry, and have many clients in the fields of automotive, agriculture, medical, electronics, and construction industries. To see more of the types of clients we have worked with, visit the following link:

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