Compressor Seals

The Importance of Efficient Seals

If you are looking for custom compressor seals, you’ve come to the right place. Many compressor experts choose Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing for seals because of our high quality and fast turnaround time. We understand how important seals are for eliminating leaks, reducing costs and increasing productivity in various components and industries.

Seal Types and How They Work

There are many different types of seals that require a secure, precise connection in order for the machine or piece of equipment to run properly. We’ve outlines some basics of different seal types below.

Liquid film shaft seals: A set of seal rings is mounted on shaft ends to make sure no external leakage happens. Seal rings are free and floating.

Labyrinth seals: Seals used for this design are stepped-type seals, honeycomb, and turbine. They allow higher differential pressures.

Dry gas seals: These seals are especially important in order to reduce or avoid contamination in a process. Dry gas seals have two parts: a rotating ring and a stationary ring. The rotating ring generates a force that causes the stationary ring to separate and create a gap. Many centrifugal compressors use dry gas seals because it doesn’t require lubricating oil. Oil, chemical, and gas industries commonly use these seals. Seal arrangements may range from single seal, double, tandem, or tandem arrangement with intermediate labyrinth.

Mechanical oil seals: These seals are lubricated with gas or an oil. Carbon rings, part of the stator part, are in continuous contact with a rotating collar.

Durable Parts for Desired Effects

For many of these seals, durable materials and parts are used to create the desired effect. Sometimes standard washers made of copper and bronze are used as seals for certain products. For these, Phoenix Specialty is the best choice because we make these parts in all sizes, shapes, and thicknesses and manufacture parts to meet your exact requirements.