Advantages Using a Manufacturer over a 3D Printer


Manufacturing vs. 3D Printing

As you go throughout your day, you use many different devices that most people do not think twice about, especially about how they are made. However, if you are an engineer, you are interested in how the device was made and the different parts that are used to make the product. If you are a manufacturer, you know the process of how certain devices are made and how important it is to get the proper sizing and pieces to make the product complete so it can work properly. We can customize the certain size and shape washer, stamping, and shims that you will need and the amount needed for the project.

There are companies that offer 3D printing, but the size and shape is all unison and may not fit the exact size that you need. Furthermore, the materials used in 3D printing may not be as durable as the products made by a custom manufacturer. When you get your hardware from a company that will customize, they will go through a precise process, and the washers, shims, and stamping will be made with a high-quality material and will be made to last.

If you are in the aerospace field, you will have different projects that will require an exact washer and shim size for projects such as jets and aircrafts. We can provide the required hardware so that will give you the confidence that you are only getting the best product possible. The first thing we will do is sit down with your designer to specify where the washers, shims, and stamping will go and the exact size and shape that they need to be. As we carefully help you plan your project, you will get exactly what is needed for your aircrafts.

Washer, stamps, and shims are used for many different operations and machinery. Some products, such as vehicles, motorcycles, and larger products, will require larger hardware, while heart monitors and electronic gadgets require smaller hardware. It does not matter the specific sizes, material, shape, resistance, and quality that is needed, our company can customize for each and every need. Since we have many years of experience, we are trusted in many fields, especially the Medical field. As they are building different monitors, they trust our washers, stamps, and shims for their products. They know that they can rely on us to give them the best of the best and have the confidence that our products will be reliable in a life or death situation. By using the highest quality, our washers, shims, and stamps can be trusted for any operation and product.

We value our company and our customers; we want them to have the best experience with us. Because of this, we have over 100,000 different items and over 400 million products ready to be shipped. Our primary goals are to have the best product, best prices, and have different promotions. By having such a huge distribution center, we are ready to meet all of your specific needs. The next time you need to get hardware items, avoid getting them from a 3D printer and risking not getting the exact product needed.

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