3 Things to Consider When Ordering Washers


Washers are a versatile product that acts as a spacer, a distributor, a locking device, and even a buffer. Whether you are ordering washers for automobile manufacturing, aircraft assembling, or any other complex project, the washers that you use are an important aspect of your project. Here at Phoenix Specialty we have a variety of washers available in stock that we can ship out of you, but what we truly enjoy is creating a product that is specific to your unique needs. When considering ordering washers from us, keep the following in mind:

3 Things to Consider When Ordering Washers

You already know the importance of a washer when it comes to the intricacy of a manufacturing project such as yours, so we have outlined below three important considerations when you contemplate your order of washers with our company. Once you are ready to order, remember that any order placed before 2:30 pm will be shipped out that very day!

#1: You may need a custom order: A flat washer may simply not do the trick where your particular manufacturing job is concerned. Whether you need a plain washer in an unconventional size, or specialized washer such as a fender, spherical wall, or even a spring and locking washer, a customized order is always an option! In fact, we have been the leading supplier of custom parts to Original Equipment Manufacturers for over 100 years, and we consider customization to be our specialty. You simply cannot make do with what is in stock if it is not exactly what you need. While we have a large selection of washers on hand that are ready to ship out within two weeks, we are also happy to take on a custom order to make sure that these washers suit your exact needs and purpose.

#2: You may need a hardened washer: A hardened washer is a steel washer that has been treated with heat. If you will be using bolted joints for your manufacturing project, a high quality hardened washer is necessary so that you will not lose pre-load after torquing. Use of a hardened washer will prevent wear and protect your product, so take care to determine which type of washer works best before you order. If you need a bit of guidance, do not hesitate to contact any of our highly trained and incredibly informed experts. Click here for contact information and to receive a quote and review of our inventory:

#3: Preventing galvanic corrosion: If you are thinking about forgoing washers entirely, remember that they are essential in preventing galvanic corrosion, which means that one of the two metals you are using will not be susceptible to corrosion if you use a washer, which will act as a buffer and prevent galvanic corrosion. Protect your investment in your project by making sure that you have an adequate buffer against galvanic corrosion.

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