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Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing Is Helping Customers Reduce Supply Chain Risk

Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing Is Helping Customers Reduce Supply Chain Risk

Bamberg, S.C. – As the manufacturing supply chain continues to experience the pain associated with shipping delays, material shortages and significant inflation, Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing continues insulating its customers from those very disruptions. Year to date, Phoenix Specialty has made over 20,176 shipments to over 2,500 customer, with over 97% of its shipments made on time, and with minimal pricing increases.

To help its customers reduce their supply chain risk, Phoenix Specialty:

Customers searching for shorter lead times and increased savings can find peace of mind by placing blanket orders and participating in Phoenix Specialty’s Managed Inventory System. Customers participating in this system experience many benefits, including:

In a time when supply chain disruptions are becoming more frequent, it would be hard to find a supplier more reliable than Phoenix Specialty. The company remains dedicated to investing in the future of the industry and its customers and continues to be a trusted supplier of specialty parts for the last 114 years.

About Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing

Since 1907, Phoenix Specialty has been the leading supplier of custom parts to America’s Original Equipment Manufacturers. Located in Bamberg, South Carolina, Phoenix delivers high-quality precision parts – all made in the USA. Serving all industries, this business has manufactured millions of parts, for thousands of customers worldwide. With an extensive raw materials inventory and an in-house tool & die shop, Phoenix has the capability to produce specialty parts fast. Offering a written Risk-Free Promise and a Managed Inventory System, Phoenix Specialty has made sourcing custom components easy for more than a century.

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